My Air: The Game-Changer in Wearable Air Purifiers & Allergy Relief

Introduction to My Air

My Air is a wearable air purifier that filters impurities from the air, including odors, pollen, viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. It promises to provide relief for pollen allergy sufferers and those affected by poor indoor air quality.

Key Takeaways
Pros Cons
Refreshes and reduces allergy symptoms Charging time
Washable filter Not suitable for use while sleeping
Quiet operation Limited availability (currently only from Amazon)
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Innovative Air Purification Technology

My Air’s air purification process is based on photocatalysis rather than replaceable HEPA filters. This innovative technology is also utilized in self-cleaning surfaces.

Photocatalytic Reaction with Titanium Dioxide

The titanium dioxide (TiO2) coated filter remains active with the help of an LED that emits visible blue light with a wavelength of 400-500 nm. The photocatalytic nanoparticle coating, together with the light, causes a chemical reaction that produces reactive oxygen compounds. These compounds break and destroy the cellular structure of microbes, causing pathogens and other impurities to break down into water and carbon dioxide.

User Experience and Benefits

My Air blows purified air onto the user’s face at a rate of seven liters per minute, which is equal to the average person’s breathing rate in normal conditions. Small group tests have shown that the device can alleviate symptoms such as eye irritation, nasal congestion, and reduce pollen allergy symptoms like headaches and fatigue.

Easy to Wear and Use

The neck strap is securely attached to the air purifier with snaps and is adjustable to position the device about 20 centimeters away from the face. The device can also be clipped to a chest pocket using the built-in clip. My Air is quiet and can be turned on and off by pressing the power button for a few seconds, releasing purified air from the top of the device. Its nearly silent operation resembles white noise, which is easily masked by normal environmental sounds.

Improved Indoor Air Quality and Allergy Relief

My Air was tested indoors during pollen season, resulting in a significant reduction in nasal congestion, headaches, and eye irritation. The fresh air stream keeps users refreshed and energized throughout the workday, even for those suffering from allergies. However, the device’s airflow rate may not be sufficient to completely eliminate symptoms.

Seamless Integration and Style

The convenient and lightweight My Air easily integrates into daily life. Users may even forget they are wearing it, with only the faint glow of the blue LED under the chin serving as a reminder. The device’s reported and actual battery life is ten hours, making it suitable for workplace use.

Limitations and Maintenance

My Air cannot eliminate strong odors such as grease or cigarette smoke, as its purification power is only a fraction of that of room-sized air purifiers. It is not intended to replace or compete with these larger devices.

Filter Cleaning and Device Care

The filter should be cleaned every few months by immersing it in hot water for 15 minutes. Proper drying ensures the photocatalytic reaction functions without interruption. The device’s air intake vents should be wiped regularly with a soft cleaning cloth.

Conclusion: A Discreet, Stylish Accessory for Personal Air Purification

My Air is a compact, unobtrusive, and stylish accessory that purifies the air in the user’s immediate environment. It is especially useful in public transportation and crowded spaces for reducing allergy symptoms after mask mandates are lifted. Sometimes, even a little help can make a big difference.


  • Refreshes and reduces allergy symptoms
  • Washable filter
  • Quiet operation


  • Charging time
  • Not suitable for use while sleeping
  • Limited availability (currently only from Amazon)